LED display box for solar watches
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Thread: LED display box for solar watches

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    LED display box for solar watches

    I thought this was interesting, it's an LED watch box that can be used to charge the watches even while stored and supposedly charge the watch up to 60% in 8 hours. Leaving out in the sun will always be much better, but I have seen people ask about solar charging solutions and although this one is expensive, some of you might be interested in it. What I think is cool, is you can leave the LEDs on while the case is closed so as to not disturb w/e you are doing, like sleeping. Nice to see products aimed specifically at the solar watch market.


    It's offered by ofrei, New Arrivals it should be the first item.

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    Re: LED display box for solar watches

    I find "charge the watch up to 60% in 8 hours" hard to believe.
    “Time is an illusion.” ― Albert Einstein

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    Re: LED display box for solar watches

    Think I just figured out what I will be doing with my old humidor since I gave up smoking cigars!
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    Re: LED display box for solar watches

    woah...60% in 8 hours? really..i would be happy if it can just maintain the charge on my solar. I sold my solar chrono diver simply because it kept stopping; just didn't give it enough wrist time..
    I want to be a ONE watch guy!!

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    Re: LED display box for solar watches

    Quote Originally Posted by TixTox View Post
    I find "charge the watch up to 60% in 8 hours" hard to believe.
    Agreed -- a little simple math with three of Casio's solar atomic manuals means that the three LEDs in that case (allegedly) put out twice as much power as the sun!¹ If that were even possible, the LED maker is halfway to solving the world's energy problems and shouldn't be selling world-altering lights to watch case manufacturers.² If that were even possible, how much heat would those things be putting off?! G-Shocks have already been melted and damaged by "regular" household lights so they'd be no match for a tiny sun in a box.

    Our alter egos on some flashlight forums are painfully aware that many LED makers are in the middle of an "arms race" and are lying through their teeth about their products' performance to drive sales.

    ¹ According to Casio's own charging charts, they estimate that it will take the sun 26, 28, or 25 hours to charge a GW-6900, GW-2310 and MTG-M900 respectively from 0 to 100%. Based on those numbers, it should take the SUN 15.6, 16.8 and 15 hours to charge those watches from 0 to 60% -- or just about twice as long as that watch case.

    ² If anybody can develop an LED that completely shatters the laws of physics and thermodynamics and that puts out two-thirds the energy of the sun, we could take one solar panel powered by the sun and use that to power three (or three dozen) LEDs and shine them at another solar panel or twelve, and use those to power a few hundred LEDs and shine those at even MORE solar panels to power a few thousand LEDs and so forth. Eventually we wouldn't need to worry about coal or oil or nuclear reactors and every house (and electric car!) on the planet could be powered by a refrigerator-sized box full of LEDs and solar panels and a couple of batteries for when the sun goes down -- except that's not ever going to happen.
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    Re: LED display box for solar watches

    Save your money, you would need literally hundreds of LED`s to charge a solar effectively, better to buy a display box with a clear panel in the lid. More likely the LED`s in this case will just stop the watches sleeping and potentially result in a greater drain on the battery.

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