Legit G-9100BL?

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    Legit G-9100BL?


    so i purchesed this sucker of of ebay not too long ago. the pics all looked legit. Then when i got it in the mail, i noticed the buckle that was on it. Tell me what you guys think and maybe the buckle just had to be replaced for some reason. i didn't pay too much for it, so if it turns out to be fake so be it. i also need to add that this place has been hell on the pocket book and relationship with the wife for the past month or so! errr
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    Thanks Guys

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    Re: Legit G-9100BL?

    besides the buckle - it looks real to me

    about the wifey, mine is the same - she stopped me from buying new G's - so I moved to buying the bezel/and bands - and last night she declared that the bezel/bands gotta be stopped too

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    Re: Legit G-9100BL?

    Watch is legit - buckle is not original.

    cheers, Sedi

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