The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread
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Thread: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

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    The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    Hello and thank you for the dropping by! With the exception of the fantastic show-your-Frogman thread I pore over among others, if there already exists such a topic in f17, my bad, please disregard/delete as appropriate, and let me scurry quietly back to my corner in shame. Otherwise, please bear with me a moment longer. This thread is neither meant for debate nor ledger, after all we all agree that G-Shocks rock across the board (please repeat after me, we have and love both equally), and there are plenty of comprehensive screw-back lists easily available. Rather, let's please treat it as a collage of screw-backs in all their glory (compelling stories a bonus). I remain a neophyte herein, ergo my contribution relatively new, limited and unoriginal (mine from the 80s long since departed). Nothing much to see in the first post, folks, but can't very well look to kickstart this thread without a picture and certainly hope to see a lot more fellow G-Shock screw-backs, old and new alike, to follow from the only other people in this world who could possibly understand the urge.
    Name:  IMG_0361.JPG
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    *Whoops, apologies, seeing your fantastic posts made me realize I somehow neglected to include the eponymous screw-back screw-backs!

    Name:  .....JPG
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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    I only have two, Most of the time I enjoy a glimpse of it on my wrist

    My latest aquisition

    Another one on DLC

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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    Every time makes me want a DLC bracelet watch, feels great against the skin.

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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    My small screwback collection:
    Name:  screwbacks.jpg
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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    Name:  IMAG8202.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG8201.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG8240.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG8234.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG8556.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG8552.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG1118.jpg
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    Name:  IMAG1122.jpg
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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    I bought my first 5600c in the early 90s, sold it stupidly and had to buy another lol. Despite the repro strap, love this watch !

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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

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    Re: The "Let's please enjoy your G-Shock Screw-backs" Thread

    Awesome pics, guys, and a totally great thread. Love the screwbacks. Here's my all-time favorite.

    Name:  IMG_E1006.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_E0735.JPG
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    Name:  CWNJ1015.jpg
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