Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

Thread: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

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    Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    I started thinking about this recently and I'd like to share my thoughts here.

    What are the icons of G?

    When I think about it I can only think of following models:


    I can't really say that I know of any other "icon". When I say "icon" I think of a G that has for whatever reason managed to stand the test of time. It's not always obvious to understand why would a certain model witstand a test of time so well as above models. Neither is it always easy to figure out what make a certan model such an icon to begin with.

    6900 - bulky, no special features, not atomic, not solar... only 2 years battery life as advertized ... and yet it's in continous production longer than ANY other G out there... what gives?
    5600 - ok, this one might be easier to understand. After all it wears rather small and has all the features that you REALLY need.

    and Frog? What's so special about frog? When the Frog came out did anyone expect it to became an instant Icon? To a point where folks pay ridiculus amount of money to get one? What's with frog? I dare to say that 99% of the folks who have frog don't even dive. So what gives?

    What is your thought on this? What other models out there would you consider to have proven themselfs more than any other model ever released?

    I was thinking of adding 9052 and new mudman on the list but perhaps it's fair to say that a) 9052 has not beein in production that long plus we don't see it as beeing released all the time. How about new mudman? An icon? In the future perhaps, it's popularity is already stagering and it does not appear to slow down even after almost 2 years of it beeing actually released.

    So what are the other icons out there? And what made tham icons that they are today?

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    Re: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    Maybe it's because they were around for a long time before we had the variety of models and features we have now. The DW5600 is the most iconic one to me, not just of G-Shocks but Casio in general (as it resembles early non G-Shock Casios). It looks great, and it's well thought out.

    With me being quite new to G-Shocks, I already see the G9000 Mudman as a classic. Whether it'll be an enduring classic and ever have a similar status to the others you mentioned, only time will tell. I think it just might.
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    Re: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    I agree, it seems like the Mudman may be a classic as many on the forum own one or more of the models, even I'm considering getting one. Now if just the 1v version came in tough solar/waveceptor....

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    Re: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    I think the Mudman has the potential to become a classic or "icon" but I don't think it's there yet. To me, a true icon has to have been around a little longer than 2-3 years. When someone sees my DW-5600e on they instantly know it's a Casio and many know it's a G-Shock but I don't think the Mudman has that same recognition quite yet.

    I'm sure it will become a classic at the rate it's going. I own a DW-5600e and a DW-6900 and I plan to get a Mudman soon and I think the basic black Mudman will fall into the same category as those two. Just my .02!
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    Re: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    I think the DW-5600E, DW-6600 and DW-6900 are the longest around and still produced models. I think those are the icons of G. The Frogman is more for the collectors and people who love big watches. The 5600, 6600 and 6900 are probably the most worn models. If the G-9000 Mudman is still produced in say 2016, I think it might be added to the Icon list as well.


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    Re: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    Personally, I think it's the simplicity of the design. There's a lot of newer models, the G-300 at the top of the page for instance, which have a lot of unnecessary, albeit attractive, design features. I like the watch, but I don't think it'll stand the test of time as well as some others.

    As Lexxorcist said of the 5600, 'It looks great, and it's well thought out.'. I couldn't agree more. I've heard someone talk about G's produced 'before the designers took over', and for me that sums it up. When the watch is designed around it's functions, rather than it's looks, it just works better somehow-like the Land Rover.

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    Re: Let's talk about G-shock "icons"... what are they, why are they...

    The iconic G-Shocks, to me, are the DW-5xxx models . Prior to 1990 the G-Shock wasn't a designers pallet, wasn't a limited edition bling watch, wasn't famous, wasn't Casio's flagship model, wasn't a 'brand' unto itself, wasn't really anything except a tough watch in the Casio line which sold to guys who needed a durable timepiece that could take whatever rough treatment they gave it.
    These early G's all have a purpose driven look and feel to them that sums up what the G-Shock was supposed to be all about in the first place: toughness. They're an excellent example of the well worn phrase, "Form follows function".

    Cheers, Greg

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