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    Cool Life is good!

    At 3:35 this morning, I became 42 years old. But honestly, I don't think "one more year" is enough reason to think that life is good. Life is good because I don't think I wasted these 42 years. Yeah, I made some dumb decisions in my life, but in my defense, I didn't know better, and if I had aced them all, I wouldn't be here today. I always say that it doesn't matter if you make mistakes, what matters is what you do after you find out you made a mistake. Sometimes in the end, a mistake will make you a better person, and that's how I like to think about the mistakes I made, that I learned with them and now I'm a better person.

    And how do I know I'm a better person? Well, I have a fantastic and lovely wife, a very kind person that puts up with me, so I like to think that I can't be that bad . I have two beautiful kids, a 5yo boy and a 1y5m girl, and even though I'm not very religious, I truly can't believe God would give us two wonderful kids like mine if me and my wife weren't good people with at least the potential to raise them as honorable and caring human beings.

    But talking about things a bit more mundane, I did the math and in the last 12 months, between both bikes, I pedaled 2800 km. Not exactly out of this world or good enough for the Tour (), but still decent, specially if you take into consideration that 10 years ago I doubt I was averaging half that each year. Some weeks ago I found buried in my closet my dress uniform that I wore when I served right after I got out of college when I was 25, and it fitted! So though I don't consider I'm in top shape (for that I would have to finally cough up the money for a spinning bike ) I'm definitively not in bad shape. We have a saying here in Brazil that says that "if you have good health, you can chase after whatever else you need", so I'm ok in that department too.

    By March next year our new house will be ready, a project that we only could start because in the professional front we're doing ok. Of course we could earn more money (couldn't we all), but we don't have reasons to complain, and a new house made to our wishes and tastes is a pretty nice thing.

    So, adding all that up, I think I can say yeah, life IS good .

    But come on, all this melodrama on WUS and no watch ....? Heck no!

    As I said above, I have fantastic and lovely wife :


    About three years ago I became more strict with my health and started this tradition that on my b-day I go for a "soul searching" bike ride, to think things over and give my life a hard and firm look. I always go up a mountain we have here that though it's far from tough, some five years ago, the same ride would almost make me cough up my liver or have a heart attack. I've always been on and off a bike ever since I was 10, but only since four years I got serious about the sport. So this is a ride that is kind of a pride for me, something that would almost kill me back then but now is easy peasy.

    Unfortunately though, my Cannondale Flash is in the shop for some nonpostponable maintenance job, therefor I only had at hand my commuter bike (Giant Seek 2), so I couldn't do my "usual" mountain ride. I was able to shuffle my schedule around and get off early, and bike riding I went. Not up a mountain but on a very nice route.

    The weather these last three days has been nothing short of gorgeous, with clear blue skies and temperatures around 20 to 25ºC in the afternoon. Today was no exception, so I got home early, changed into my cycling gear, put on my iPod and went for a very nice and relaxed ride.

    That's 42yo me, with a body that can easily pass for 40

    Yup, life is definitively good .

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    Re: Life is good!

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new watch.
    The MTG is retired and the 5600 too. Right now, the only working G-Shocks that I use and enjoy are the Riseman GW9200-1 and the GW6900-1

    If I can own a Rolex Submariner I would. I know they are tough too, their homages are tough. Trust me.

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    Re: Life is good!

    happy b-day and hey no rain on the bike ride :)

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    Re: Life is good!

    Happy Birthday, and thank you for the post, I really enjoyed reading it. Wear your new watch in the very best of health for many, many more years to come.
    Best regards


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    Happy b-day!
    Nice "melodrama", nice bike (cannondale) and beautiful watch ;)

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    I enjoyed reading every bit of that. Happy Birthday LUW!

    Sent from the office of the reincarnated President of the Republic of Texas.
    Hook 'Em!!

    "One who is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else." ---- A. Wiseman

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    Re: Life is good!

    Happy Birthday and nice writing there...

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    Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing it with us. You rock.
    Yes, I am OCD. What gave it away?

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    Re: Life is good!

    Felizidades Lusiano cuanto es lo maximo que handas por dia

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    Re: Life is good!

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Luciano. Congrats on your fantastic b-day present too, but most of all coming to the realization about all the good you have in your life. There is a lot for you to be thankful for. We can sometimes get caught up in the fervor to strive for more, missing the fact that we may already have an abundance of good in our lives already. Your soul searching bike rides sound like a great way to get back in touch with life's meanings (I did something similar with a kayak ride across a large bay, about 15km round trip in choppy water).
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