Light comes on with any button?

Thread: Light comes on with any button?

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    Light comes on with any button?

    Hey kids,

    Been awhile since I've been on, but anyway . . . a feature that I miss from my old Timex Ironman Triathlon is if you hold down the illumination button, it would beep. After that, any button you touched would turn the light on, enabling the user to navigate around, set an alarm, etc with the light on. One thing that gets me about the old-school 5600 I have is that the light doesn't like to stay on when I'm setting alarms and such.

    What G-shocks have this feature, if any? I'm thinking of a Pathfinder because I like the round face, style, and features. Let me know. If I pick up another G-shock at some point, I'd like this feature that would enable me to set alarms and use the menus in the dark. Thanks!

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    Wink Re: Light comes on with any button?

    Hi Sween,

    I had a Timex with the same functiuon in the far past. I think the Auto Illuminator comes close to this feature. Actually I found the illuminating mode a bit battery drainer, although Auto Illumination is the same. I worked in a Discotheque when I wore that timex, so I actually used this feature from time to time, although I think an auto-illuminator would be better. You'll find full auto-illuminators on all new and older Tough Solar models. Also several older G-Lide models have this feature too.


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    Re: Light comes on with any button?

    all casio with EL has an even more interesting features, and that's "Light goes out with any button" ...

    seriously, any beep or button operation will turn off the EL, even in the middle of after glow

    it doesn't bother me too much (cause i seldom found myself wanting/needing to set the alarm in total darkness and i have nothing to light up the watch with), but the nightmode of Timex does makes a lot of sense (i won't be too surprised if Timex has copy right on this feature)

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    Re: Light comes on with any button?

    The G-9000 Mudmans kind of do this. If you have the button bleeper sound on, press illuminate, then press a button it will go off. But if you have the watch on mute it won't happen, the light will just go out after the normal time, its useful for me as you can just keep topping it up every few seconds to stop it going out.

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