The advertising says the watch denotes intelligence and speed. Well it took quite a bit of thinking for me to figure out how to read the stopwatch. The fractions of a second down to 1/1000 sec were amazingly easy but how about the big stuff like minutes and seconds. Looking back it was kind of fun figuring it out but you almost have to go by feel rather than sight. Talk about form exceeding function. It's a fun watch and the engineering that went into it is amazing. The watch is much heavier than I expected, but was easy to get used to, just don't drop it. I can see why they use titanium in the Oceanus brand, but the price point isn't reasonable for me. The sensitivity to atomic timekeeping signal is better than my PAW1300T Pathfinder. World Time is very easy to use.

I look forward to wearing it, lots of fun. I really like showing people the stopwatch action, it never gets old. Well worth the $340 on ebay. I didn't realize how much I missed an analog time display.