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Thread: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

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    Re: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

    Get them all man, all!! I would probably go with a 5600 but they don't look tough like the other guys such as Mudman and such.
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    Re: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

    I think a nice first G with most cons (ie solar, atomic etc) is the GW-9100 Gulfman. You can get one of them from sub $140US to about $200 depending on if they're an LE, and I personally think it has one of the best and clearest displays as well as being a classic looking G.


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    Rolling eyes Re: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

    so guys shortenin it down to
    g-9010 , g/gw-6900, awg-100 , gw-m850
    ....any guys no of any probs with the above selection..heard the awgs got crappy led lightin....especially rgrdng the solar aspect....no probs with goin with the g version as in india they havnt even heard of atomic timekeepin .....lol...thanx in advance guys...:thanks...would also help if someone from canada could gimme a good place to buy it from..cause my uncles comin...
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    Re: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

    Quote Originally Posted by archi2this View Post
    the "flint" area of Michigan (usa, lol)

    So many choices and all, but i think i'm leaning towards 6900 or 7900. Like white in both, but havent nailed down color or other options (solar) yet.

    Untill i find one in stores to try out, is the mudman more comfortable to wear?. Specifically speaking for the piece that is covering part of the caseback. My best guess is that its either going to be slightly more comfortable or slightly less comfortable because of this piece.
    The Mudman Gx-9XXX series is extremely comfortable to wear. Very compact watch - does not wear huge, but unmistakably a G shock - very comfortable strap. The bit you're referring to is I take it the small raised bumps on the case back - not an issue, and actually increase comfort by allowing for some ventilation under the watch. I've seen threads where people filed them down for comfort but never understood why.

    Another thing some people complain about on these watches is the strap retainer not staying in place. Doesn't happen to me personally.

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    Re: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

    gulfman gulfman gulfman..........
    g9100 ................yeahhhhh
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    Re: Which line-up of G is best for a rookie?

    Quick update:

    Prolly pull the trigger on a basic 6900 for me in next couple days. Decided i'm going to snag either an auto-time/solar mudman or auto-time/solar gulfman for my "oldman", so i'll go cheap on myself for first one.

    May stretch it and get regular mud or gulf for myself, but only if that price and the one i'll get for my dad are @ or around what i want to spend. (read:wife will let me, lmao)

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