Listing for bad/fake sellers?

Thread: Listing for bad/fake sellers?

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    Listing for bad/fake sellers?

    After reading about some really bad experiences and seeing some atrocious (and funny) fakes, I wonder if there should be some sort of "1-stop" list of sellers we should avoid? I realize there's one for the entire WUS site, but this could be for Casios only. It may read something like:

    Ebay seller "iH8legitGs" selling fake Frogs [give an example link] and give relevant info. If the user changes his ebay ID, a first/last name and city/state could be posted for clarification (no personal info unless necessary).

    That way we could save a lot of time and grief wondering about fakes.

    Likewise, there could be a "good guy" list with trusted sellers.

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    Re: Listing for bad/fake sellers?

    I don't think it will be so simple.

    For those sellers who post pictures of easily identified fakes this idea will work. But in those cases usually WUS members can make their own judges.

    If however a seller uses pictures of an authentic one and sends you a fake, then things may become tricky. We can never be sure whether a buyer really has received a fake or the buyer is actually a competitor in disguise who tries to destroy the other guy's reputation. Sometimes disputes can happen even when no one is taking advantages. So I say we stay out of the trouble and leave it to ebay or whoever charges from the trading.
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    Re: Listing for bad/fake sellers?

    I think the modus operandi of fake sellers on eBay seems to be to sell a bunch of real cheap stuff to build up feedback (not watches). Once they accumulate good feedback (or dump the account) they start moving fake stuff for the real profits. Once they get banned they just start over with other accounts. They're probably running lots of concurrent accounts to easily switch around if there's a problem.

    You should report any fake sellers you find, but it's like swatting mosquitoes.

    It's usually easiest to look for a seller with a good reputation for selling lots of obviously legit G-Shocks. The good sellers tend to specialize in G-Shocks, or at least Japanese watches, and are usually easy to spot based on their history. Just do a little research and you will rarely get burned. Fakes of rare models hardly ever sell for anywhere near their market value. And the fakes of cheaper looking models often don't even list a model number at all.

    A wiki seems to be the easiest way to let a list be created and modified by the community. I made this page a while back, but it hasn't really developed much:

    I'll see if I can put together something a little better, but it's something that would take a lot of work to be comprehensive and up to date.
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    Re: Listing for bad/fake sellers?

    The general philosophy of the site is not to have good guy / bad guy sections for each forum. A one-stop shop is probably better for most members most of the time.

    And keeping track of dubious eBay traders would be a very time-consuming task. They're like a virus that mutates every twenty-four hours.
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