Lookin' for Baby G for my Baby Sis

Thread: Lookin' for Baby G for my Baby Sis

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    Lookin' for Baby G for my Baby Sis

    I'm looking for an Ani-Digi (cos she's stylish like that) for my sister for her birthday quite soon.

    I'm trying hard to find a model that's

    -white (cute)

    in that order of preference. It's seems like I can find 3 of the 4 features, but not all 4. There are some atomic-solar models but they're digital. I think I might just "settle" on the BG1500A-7BV. 48 cities, she'll never have a reason to be late since it'll sync every hour XD. And it'll be sweet when she travels around the world on her grad trip soon.

    Anything that's as stylish as the BG1500A-7BV but solar? 2 years isn't a short time to replace the cell, but it's just the "cool" factor that it's powered by our yellow sun =)
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    lookin' at
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    yobokies'd SNKH63 -sinn 656 lookalike

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    Re: Lookin' for Baby G for my Baby Sis

    here are some fresh options that are partial matches. is the sis fly enough for these wrist rockers?





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    Re: Lookin' for Baby G for my Baby Sis

    Those 2 atomic ones look sharp.

    Sometimes I suffer from Baby-G envy.

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