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    Lookin for OLE`YELLER

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    This is my first post, hope I don`t screw it up and this ends up a byline in someone else s Post. Maybe someone else is old enough to help me remember what watch I am seeking. A long time ago....when I smoked (quit in 2001) I got a DW from Marlboro in an offer where you buy 4 cartons and send in $20 and get I believe was a Yellow(or black) G-Shock ( this was just before they started their Marlboro miles store thing here in USA). I had it forever and gave it HELL (welding/Ironwork) but it never quit working (think it had a seven year battery). Eventually I got another watch to abuse and threw this one in a drawer and forgot it. About 5 years ago I re-found it and the battery was still working!!! I figured some day I would have a jeweler rework it, and lost track of it in a recent move. I have been trying to replace it but to no avail. My wife says the 5600-C is not big enough...she says rectangular housing was bigger on the bezel. (I feel that way too, although I am also a little larger ....Perception?) I know it was after 1989 and I think it was a screwback. Can anyone of the "seasoned" members help? Does anyone remember this offer that didn`t die of cancer? Please help...looking for this watch has led me down the road of now owning over 50 G-shocks...wife threatens me everyday with violence if I don`t stop buying these cursed things. But seriously, anyone remember this?

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    Re: Lookin for OLE`YELLER

    I believe someone just posted about this very watch not too long ago! I don't recall it being yellow though, perhaps there was another edition? Anyway I think they even had an eBay link to purchase one and everything!

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