Looking for a good "G" spot in NYC

Thread: Looking for a good "G" spot in NYC

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    Looking for a good "G" spot in NYC

    what's a good place in NYC for G-shocks

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    Re: Looking for a good "G" spot in NYC

    Tourneau Time Machine on 57th St. has a G-Shock boutique on the "concourse" (er, basement) level!


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    Re: Looking for a good "G" spot in NYC

    The city has tons of small electronics shops -- many of which stock a wide variety of digital watches, including G-Shocks. These shops tend to be both overpriced and to stock only more garden variety models, you can sometimes find a gem.

    Golden Sound, on Broadway in the 70's has a proprietor into G's. Occasionally, he will stock limited editions -- he may still have a few 2008 crazy colors models.

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