Looking for vintage (1980-1990) Casio digitals (in Singapore)

Thread: Looking for vintage (1980-1990) Casio digitals (in Singapore)

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    Looking for vintage (1980-1990) Casio digitals (in Singapore)

    Hi, does anyone know any shop which sells vintage casio digitals (1980-1990) in Singapore, or online for that matter? There were some 1980s Casio sensor watches which caught my attention yesterday and sparked my interest. I can't seem to get much info online, so I thought I'd ask you knowledgeable peeps here!

    Sorry didn't know which forum would be more suitable so I posted here.

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    Re: Looking for vintage (1980-1990) Casio digitals (in Singapore)


    This is the right place to ask within the WUS community, but you might have better luck asking at the "nerdwatch forum" over at "pocketcalculatorshow".

    Also try digitalwatchlibrary.com for model listings and information.

    And my personal website... look at my profile. can't provide direct link due to WUS rules. ;)

    There are also two singapore based ebay sellers that have old Casio stock.
    (There are others, but I only trust those two guys. especially high marks for tamawatchi.)
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