lost the screws of a DW-004

Thread: lost the screws of a DW-004

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    lost the screws of a DW-004

    Hi there......I would like to know if somebody knows where I could get the screws for a G-Shock dw-004 (6 of them, four on the back and 2 on the sides). I changed the battery and the genious (me), lost the screws..........I live in Canada......

    Thanks in advance....

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    Re: lost the screws of a DW-004

    The first place to try would be your local Casio service centre.
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    Re: lost the screws of a DW-004

    Welcome to the forum.

    Casio might still have parts for an older model like this. So, like Tribe said, hit up Casio and see if they still have them first.

    If you tell us what country you are in, we can give you more specific contact information.

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