Lots of G Shocks at the San Diego Tri Rock Sprint

Thread: Lots of G Shocks at the San Diego Tri Rock Sprint

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    Lots of G Shocks at the San Diego Tri Rock Sprint

    Just though I would mention that I was a volunteer at the San Diego Tri Rock Big Bay Triathlon Sprint Expo pick up today. It was race packet and tech shirt pick up today with the short / sprint Triathlon tomorrow.

    Anyway I handed out tech shirts and was very surprised how many different watches I saw ( the WIS in me ) of course the majority were G Shocks and Pathfinders

    What I was most surprised about were the variety of watches there. Except the G Shocks most were large diver style. lots of Omegas, maybe some Rolex's hard to spot the real from the homages at a glance and a Panerai. I thought that Timex would have been the preferred watch.( to be honest though G Shock and large diver are my favorite and I probably noticed them more ) I think Timex might give the G Shocks a run for there money tomorrow at the actual race.

    Anybody here doing the race tomorrow please let us know how it was.

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    Re: Lots of G Shocks at the San Diego Tri Rock Sprint

    Thank you for volunteering at the triathlon. I am a triathlete and I really appreciate all the race volunteers on course.

    I love G Shocks but I find most G-Shocks too bulky for sports. Most triathletes wear a wetsuit for open water swimming and a big bulky watch makes peeling off a wetsuit very difficult. A good endurance sports watch is: lightweight, slim, big digital display, easy to press buttons, buttons that won't be accidentally pressed, water resistance, and has a lap keeping function.

    For training, I use a Garmin Forerunner 405. It is a GPS watch that allows me to track the distance and pace I'm going at. However, the Garmin is not waterproof so for triathlon races, I wear a Nike Triax watch.

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    Re: Lots of G Shocks at the San Diego Tri Rock Sprint

    Great to hear we have an inside scoop~Keep us posted, cheers!

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