Low Profile with Vibration Alarms.

Thread: Low Profile with Vibration Alarms.

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    Low Profile with Vibration Alarms.

    Price: Around a 100
    Intended Use: “Street casual”
    New or Vintage: Don't care
    Size and Form: Low profile. Digital.
    Basic Functionality: More than 2 alarms. Nothing special here
    Advanced functionality: Vibration alarm.
    Exclusivity: No preference

    I basically want a low profile watch with vibration alarms, more than one. I have looked at the W735 but lacks more alarms and doesn’t look low profile to me.

    I have found two that I like but have drawbacks
    Casio GD350: It isn’t low profile
    Casio GB5600B: Love it, low profile and vibration, but quite expensive and I’d prefer to avoid Bluetooth (I’ll get distracted, that’s the reason I sold my pebble, not configuring it could work but still paying extra…).

    Those are the two I've found, I'm leaning towards the 5600, everything execp the bluetooth and particularly the price is pretty nice, but before doubling my budget I'd like to check if there are alternatives that I'm not aware of.

    Also hello, I'm newly registered but long time reader.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Low Profile with Vibration Alarms.

    the W-735H may be worth a look too for this budget

    Edit: Sorry, just noticed you have looked at the 735. Then, I think you will best off with the all-black GD-350-1B. It is stealthy, which is as low-profile as G-Shocks get short of a 5600.
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    Re: Low Profile with Vibration Alarms.

    I believe the G-7510 was a vibration watch but it is an older model, not available anymore. It has multiple alarms.

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    Re: Low Profile with Vibration Alarms.

    You may need to go Timex:

    Timex t49851 is black with a silver bezel, t49852 is green with black bezel, t49853 is all black. They are cheap, low profile, can have either tone, vibe or combo of both for alarm tone. Each of the three alarms has a different "ring tone".

    BTW the Timex can accept 22mm nato or zulu straps with no modification.

    Happy reading

    Timex T49851 Men's "Expedition Vibrating Alarm" Resin Digital Watch T498519J 753048107254 | eBay
    The green one has gone up in price for some reason.
    Amazon.com: Timex Men's T49852 Expedition Rugged Digital Vibration Alarm Green/Black Resin Strap Watch: Timex: Watches
    Casio/ Citizen/ G-Shock/ Pro Trek/ Seiko

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