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    Magnetic field of watch info


    While browsing the internet (looking for info on magnetic fiels generated by watches) I stumbled across this page about electromagnetic fields:

    This quote from the page may be of interest to fellow watch afficianados:

    "The magnetic field from an analogue Quartz watch is in the region of a few milligauss, i.e. spikes of a couple of Milligauss every second, with nothing in between. Digital quartz watches emit a negligible if detectable magnetic field, with no pulsation detected. A digital quartz watch will only emit a significant magnetic field when the backlight is switched on or sounds are made, which is in excess of the every-second field spike from an analogue quartz watch. The spikes from an analogue quartz watch are greater than the constant magnetic field from a set of HiFi speakers at a reasonable volume (if sat a couple of metres away)."

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