Which Maratac for a G2300
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Thread: Which Maratac for a G2300

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    Which Maratac for a G2300

    I have a G2300 and I just replaced the rechargeable battery. Now, I want to replace the old worn out velcro band, however, it's a 23mm band. I have seen on here some people have used 24mm band, is there any modifications that need to be made? Also, any opinions on if a 22mm would work or would it be too small and sloppy? Thanks for you advice.

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    Re: Which Maratac for a G2300

    I'd go with 22. It will be barely noticeable and won't put an unnecessary strain on the spring bars.

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    Re: Which Maratac for a G2300

    Is that the G2300 that originally came with the same type of "adapters" as on this GW-2300 (top) and GW-2310 (bottom)?

    Name:  gw-2300rd-4.JPG
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    Name:  2310 adapter 1.JPG
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    If so, I'd suggest using a 24mm strap -- there are plenty of threads around here comparing and contrasting 22mm vs 24mm straps in the more common, squared-off 5600 style adapters that mostly boil down to "22mm is easier to slide in and out of the slots, especially if you switch straps often" and "24mm aren't THAT difficult to slide in and out, they don't have the extra millimeter of empty space that allows the strap to slide back and forth in the gap from a narrower strap, and your watch won't accidentally slide right off the strap when you take it off."

    A more important thing to consider is "what STYLE of Maratac strap are you planning on getting?"

    NATO and "four- (or five-) buckle" Zulu straps don't always fit properly on G's with this sort of strap attachment system -- see pictures in post #2 of this thread: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/ano...ml#post5952763

    There's really no good way to tell whether or not a particular strap will fit except trial and error, since it depends on the watch, the adapters, and the final effective "lug to lug" width, and the exact length of the second nylon "flap" on the strap.

    Two- or three-buckle Zulu straps won't have that problem, since there's no extra "flap" to get in the way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drop of a Hat View Post
    I'd go with 22. It will be barely noticeable and won't put an unnecessary strain on the spring bars.
    If I'm right and the existing velcro strap goes through those adapter-like pieces, the width of the new strap won't matter since it's not going to touch the springbars anyhow.
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    Re: Which Maratac for a G2300

    i used 24mm for the 2300 adapters, but 22mm will be just fine , what bothers me most about those nato/zulu out there is its thickness, the ones I bought are not as thick as the original 2300's
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    Re: Which Maratac for a G2300

    Hi....I use a 24mm 3 rings Zulu in my G2300B and is one of my more comfortable Gs. A 22mm could be used but it is too narrow in my opinion, besides, the g2300's adapters are 24mm wide, so no shrink at all. Regards.

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