March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
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Thread: March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!

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    Exclamation March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!

    Hello everybody,

    get your cams out for the March contest!

    The theme of the contest will be: "Spring".
    Feel feel to interpret it in any way as long as it is complying with the rules!

    Please read carefully through the rules (particularly rule number 6, that says that the watch - in case of more watches in the pic at least one - has to be Japanese origin)!

    Rule number 7 has now changed. It asks now not to have any watermarks or copyright-banners in the picture.

    If you have anything you want to donate as a prize, please contact me under

    [email protected]

    Here are the rules:

    Watch Photography Contest Rules

    1. You must submit your entry via e-mail to [email protected] no later than Friday, April 5, 2014.

    2. Only one picture can be submitted per person. Take as many pictures as you want, but you can submit only one.

    3. Submissions must be saved as jpg file format and NOT exceed 1024 Pixel in height or width and no more than 1MB each. If you do not know how to resize your picture, please enlist a forum member's help.

    4. Please leave your identity (your name and your forum username) in the subject header of your e-mail, as well as a reference to the Photography Contest. It should be in your own interest to give a title/name to the picture. If there's no title/name I will try to find a suiting one.

    5. Each contests theme is INTENTIONALLY vague, so as to allow room for individual interpretation and creativity.

    6. The Watch in your picture must be of a Japanese brand.

    7. Please submit a picture without watermarks or any banners that could identify you as the author as we want to get votes for the picture itself and not votes for the author.

    8. All images posted must be the work of the author posting. Any digitally enhanced work will be accepted providing the original source image(s) is the work of the author.

    9. As the forums have people of all ages and different cultural backgrounds. Please keep your pictures appropriate. As a test, just think, if you cant show the picture to a young child without your wife yelling at you, then it probably doesn't belong in the contest participation. The forums existing "no weapons ban" (both for military knives and for firearms) applies to the contest.

    10. The last date of submission will be on Friday, April 5, 2014, at 23:59 hours of GMT/UTC - 11:00 hour (as this is the last "time zone" in the world).

    11. On the day of the voting, you will only get to make one vote and you cannot vote for your own picture. Please "reply" directly to the voting thread, where the post has listed all the contestants' pictures (with those pictures numbered), with the subject header with the picture number AND if you have more comments, you can type them into the message text. Voting for a winner will take place shortly (a couple of days) after the entry deadline. Anonymous votes will NOT be taken into account The winner will be announced in a separate forum thread after a count of the total of all the votes in every forum.

    12. Neither SCWF or PMWF or WUS or AWF guarantees the availability of or is obligated to provide a prize for each monthly contest. Prizes for each monthly contest are donations by forum members and contestants. As such we appreciate your continued involvement and hope that all members can keep the spirit of the contest alive and donate small prizes to make available to the winners of future contests. If we all pay it forward it will make enjoyment that much greater.



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    Re: March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!

    BUMP - the photo contest needs more participants! Unfortunately I can't as my digicam is still broken and I can't buy a new one at the moment.

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!

    definitely needs more participation! let's go, G-fanatics!!! it's spring now everywhere, right?
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    Re: March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!

    Yes, I'm joining this month February was few days too short, but now I'm in

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    Re: March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!

    Might give it a shot with my citizen !
    No where near some of the great photography i have seen here....but what the heck ..i in too !
    follow me on:

    I Omega I Breitling I Glycine I B&M ISeiko

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