Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

Thread: Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

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    Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

    Notwithstanding vintage frogs like the Dw8200B-9A, Blue jelly...I Have read in past threads that the rarest frog(in terms of quanity-rarity) is the Brazillian Addict Frog - 400pieces.

    Now with the Mastermind Frog out(200 pieces) plus a price tag of at least 1500USD... Has the Mastermind Frogman dethroned all frogs to come as the most Premium?????

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    Picture Re: Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

    If based on quantity, you have pretty much answered you own question, as for want and desire only time will tell, some Frogs are more sought after due to their aesthetics, more than quantity, and some just become scarce with the passage of time...

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    Re: Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

    I guess in terms of MSRP it is the most premium. Only time will tell how it will do in terms of long-term value I suppose.
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    Re: Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

    It probably is the most expensive [edit: I mean new retail / list price] and least issued. But, if I can make a prediction, I don't think it will appreciate at the same percentage as others (like the Brazilian) have. It's just not that catchy of a design for Frog fans. Rather, it's an interesting watch for Mastermind fans.
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    Re: Is Mastermnd Frogman the most premium???

    I would say, hearing the prices quoted around the internet, the original REAL BLACK Frogman is probably the most sought after and currently the most valuable.
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