Matte Finish restore
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Thread: Matte Finish restore

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    Matte Finish restore

    Hey everyone my watches matte finish has be ruined
    Is there a way to restore it or am I out of luck?

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    If your talking about it has turned glossy I've heard of people using a pencil eraser. I've never tried this but I'm sure it couldn't hurt to try!

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    Re: Matte Finish restore

    The matte finish is created by the surface of the mold the resin is formed in.
    Abrasion, wear and rubbing will "even out" the roughness of teh surface and will eventually lead to a more glossy finish with some streaks and scratches, usually starting at the higest bezel parts and edges.

    It is not possible to regain the factory finish. you can, however, make the finish matte again. I used media blasting on several old resin parts, mainly to prep once metallic coloured parts for dyeing, but also to get an even finish on used parts and even out scratches.

    I use rather coarse Aluminium Oxide / Carbide media to blast, but the finer the medium, the smoother the finish.
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