Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

Thread: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

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    Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    Do you remember, back in the day, before you became a GShock collector (or just GShock fan) what watches you wore for long periods. The condition is that it was your only watch and you wore it for a long time.

    I'm referring to "serial monogamy" by the way, as I expect you probably went through several single watches in succession, before you started collecting multiple watches at the same time.

    I'm creating this topic in this forum because I'm interested in the prior watches of GShock wearers.

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    I was all Swatch, until I stopped wearing watches at all. At this time, I was using my HP48 calculator as an alarm to wake up...
    I remember I had the same emotional relation with Swatches like today with Gshocks.
    By the way I don't like how Swatch has evolved and the watches they create today.
    And as a grown-up, I can attest watch polygamy is better than monogamy
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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    Back in college through graduate school, I only wore a Swiss Army officer's model on stainless steel bracelet. I used it during school and work for at least 5 years (which involved lifting/warehouse work) and it has the nicks and scrapes to show it. Then I bought a DW5300 for sports and it slowly eroded into the current condition displayed by my signature.

    Pic taken today---this 14 year old quartz is still keeping great time. I'm removing the straps (bracelet was scratched up pretty badly so I took it off years ago) and am thinking of buying a nato or zulu for my old reliable.

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    i still have the first Analog Timex Indiglo (1994/95) , which was a big hit in India.
    it has stopped working but kept it for sentimental value as it was a gift by my mom on my 16th b'day.

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    I bought this when I left college to take round the world travelling with me, and probably wore it solidly for the next ten years

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    never wore a watch until after college.

    i wore my 7500 for about three years after receiving it as a gift, knowing nothing about watches aside from "Rolex = expensive/cool".

    then i was looking into the eventual battery replacement and found WUS....

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    I didn't succumb to watch promiscuity until middle-age so there are quite a few I wore for a number of years. In adult life I can remember: a quartz analogue Seiko, a Swatch, a Casio World Timer, a Tag Heuer F1, A Swiss Army 'Cavalry', a 1950s gold Benson - and there are probably a few I can't remember.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    I came a looong way....

    I never had only one watch.
    First my parents bought me a handwind mechanic watch ca. 1980.
    At the same time i also got some no-name digitals which where on high tide at that time.
    I always preferred the digitals which were "cooler" in my eyes then the old fashioned mechanic watch.
    Onfortunally the cheap digitals never lived long so i had to fall back to the mechanic often.
    Also the mechanic wasnt very reliable in all-days childhood use and required a new crystal and reallignment of the "shockproof" balance wheel from time to time.

    When i earned my fist money (and the iron curtain fell for me) i bought different watches:
    - F28W (lived for >15 years on the same battery)
    - Benneton watch (looked very scratched after 1 year)
    - Bulova Chrono (died in watchmakers workshop during battery exchange OP)
    - W-72X 200m water resist Casio (still alive on first battery)
    - Swatch irony chrono (lens scratched on the first day of use, very unstatisfiing!!!)
    At a point (ca. 1994) i first noticed a G-Shock in a shop.
    A indestructable cool looking digital watch.
    All i had dreamed of when i was a child.
    I own other watches (automatic divers, luminox, non-G Casios etc.), but the Gs still are my favourites in every days usability.

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    It was several ROLEX oysters. but that is past, now I am only to G's

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    Re: Memories of watch "monogamy" (OT)

    before I came to G-Shocks I collected mechanical wrist-alarm watches and before that dive watches. But before I started collecting at all I wore a Citizen Promaster NY0040 for quite some time. Before that it was an Avocet Vertech for some years (when I still went downhill skiing in winter and could actually use the baro/alti/thermometer functionality ).

    Greetings, Sedi

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