Metal Square Availability in Tokyo?
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Thread: Metal Square Availability in Tokyo?

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    Metal Square Availability in Tokyo?

    I’ll be in Tokyo in a couple of weeks and was wondering if the metal squares are widely available in the stores there? Do stores like Yodobashi have them in stock? I’d particularly like to see the black IP version. I’d appreciate any info from anyone who is in Japan now or was there recently.

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    Re: Metal Square Availability in Tokyo?

    Yodobashi and Bic show you which stores have what you want in stock. You're best bet is to check before you leave or right when you arrive.

    As of now, no GMW models are in stock at Yodobashi.

    Happy hunting...the tax free + Visa discount is hard to beat.
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    Re: Metal Square Availability in Tokyo?

    yodobashi and bic would be my first stops cos theyre everywhere and they get new stock every day. after that id check the g shock stores in ginza, shinjuku and odaiba.
    if you still dont have any luck you'll have to start chipping away at the smaller stores, i suggest starting at prominant areas like akiba and look for the big casio signs, maybe even have a chat to staff at the stores, see if they can point you in the right direction. "Doko de kau" = where to buy ;)
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