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    Mike Hogan ... You were right


    I just received my new Zulu strap adapter and 24 mm, black Zulu strap in the mail Saturday.

    www.countycomm.com was a pleasure to deal with ... prompt and over/above customer service. I appreciate your thoughts on their service .. you were right.

    Also, the 24 mm width is perfect ... no sliding of the watch body ... snug.

    The new strap, in my opinion, is much more comfortable and does not slide down my wrist as much.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.


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    Re: Mike Hogan ... You were right

    Hello Briscoe:

    Glad that I could be of assistance and that you like the setup.:thanks
    Best regards,

    Mike Hogan
    [email protected]

    "Go ahead laddie. Buy the watch."

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