Modding Idea for GW-2310FB and a question

Thread: Modding Idea for GW-2310FB and a question

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    Modding Idea for GW-2310FB and a question

    The all stealth GW-2310FB has been on my mind for about a month now, but I was also thinking I may tire of all black motif at some point. So I wanted to be able to do a simple band and bezel swap. My first thought was the clear and and bezel that I had seen only a few times a long time ago. I have no idea of the exact model number though. EDIT: Just found it: GL-201

    btw, I'm assuming that the old G2310 band and bezel will fit the new atomic GW's ?

    What other cool band and bezels might go well with the negative display? I've already done the StormTrooper white with the negative display.

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    Re: Modding Idea for GW-2310FB and a question

    those 2300 and 2310 are not really popular around here, so I wonder who'd be able to answer this question,

    most of them resins are black, I only saw 1 collab. 2300 in jelly in f29 (which the seller claimed that it stay clear forever aka won't get yellowed out) it was sold for 100 bucks

    and i have the 2300 green edition

    so that's the two colors i can think of (maybe those who go to japanese websites know more)

    yes, i think g2300 and gw2300/2310 share the same size of bezel
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