Model Similar to DW-004VE-1V?

Thread: Model Similar to DW-004VE-1V?

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    Model Similar to DW-004VE-1V?

    Hello Guys. This is my first post here, and I was wondering if you guys could help. I really like the watch that Bruce Willis is wearing in Tears of the Sun. However, from what I've found out is that they no longer produce this type of watch. Could anyone perhaps give a good substitute for this watch and also provide some pics of the DW-004?

    Sincerely, Josh.

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    Re: Model Similar to DW-004VE-1V?

    I think the closest you'll come would be the DW-9052. The case and buttons are different but the display is very close to the 004. Here is my green DW-004 and DW-9052.

    Also the DW-9000 would be the same but that is also no longer in production either.

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    Re: Model Similar to DW-004VE-1V?

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