Models with auto-repeat timer function?

Thread: Models with auto-repeat timer function?

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    Models with auto-repeat timer function?


    I need a G-Shock with auto-repeat timer and am a bit lost which models have it. With auto repeat I mean a timer function that, if say I put it to chime every 5 minutes, does that without me having to start the countdown manually after each time it has reached the five minutes and beeped.

    I like basic stuff the best but would appreciate a solar module. Having said that battery opereated models are not overlooked either. IŽdŽappreciate your help on this.

    JCJM (UTC+2)

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    Re: Models with auto-repeat timer function?

    just double checked my gulfman 9700 (the older and better one). it's got it. triple beep as it starts over and counts down again. notive the arrow "loops" showing the mode. good luck with others. mike

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    Re: Models with auto-repeat timer function?

    I just checked: the Mudman G-9000 also has this feature.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Models with auto-repeat timer function?

    The timer can
    a) start -> end once.
    b) start -> end and repeat.

    I have couple of casios. I think that casio implements either a and b OR just b.
    ie. if casio timer only does one option, casio usually chooses to make it repeat.

    After all, if it repeats and you only wanted it once, you can ignore it. But to make it repeat when a timer goes to the end and stops would be a pain in the ass for pressing buttons on time to start the next countdown.


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