A Modern Vintage GW-7900CD
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Thread: A Modern Vintage GW-7900CD

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    A Modern Vintage GW-7900CD

    Well it kinda is I guess, if we take it's series into account haha. I'm usually not one for lighter coloured G's as I find they get dirty really easily and that annoys me. But, I decided to bite the bullet on this one because... you know what, I don't even know... I just did. And the price was nice too for what it is.
    I scored myself a GW-7900CD!

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    This one is part of a series Casio released a few years back known as the 'Vintage Colours' series. TBH, I don't see how this colour is vintage.. But in real life, the yellow is actually quite nice! Quite a happy watch.

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    Multiband 6, which is useless here Down Under, but a nice feature to have.

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    This is the best thing I love about the vintage colour's series; the font which is used on the band is a different vintage kinda font. Its the same on the vintage colours riseman too! Nice touch Casio!

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    Feelin' vintage; CDs are vintage. This has CD in its model code. Therefore this is vintage. LOL

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    Red G on its button. Would be nicer in a deep blue matching the multiband 6 colour, but I don't mind it in red either!

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    The trio! GW7900RD, GW7900CD and the GW7900NV.

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    What I was worried about was with lighter colour G's, they tend to get dirty damn quick. This one had already started to blacken. The strap keeper was blackening too. However, if you're stuck in this boat, there is something known as a magic eraser.


    This thing is AMAZING. I gave the watch a scrub down with one of these and just plain water and the finish is like new again. The blackening has come off and the watch is a radiant yellow again!

    Not sure if you can see in the photos, but I tried anyway;
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    Here is the shot of the band before. The other side was the same. Its got dark marks, especially on the grooves.

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    Here is a shot of the other side! After cleaning. The dark marks are gone! Its a few shades brighter too!
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    And a wrist shot.

    To be fair, the watch was very clean when I purchased it as I got it second hand. The differences are pretty big in person.
    So, if you have a lighter coloured G and wish to keep it clean, magic erasers work wonders! Just clean it often to prevent it from going from surface dirt to staining the G.

    Also, this one came in this week too.

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    G-9300NV. :D

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    Re: A Modern Vintage

    Well done Will. Cant live with boring black all your life. Yellow is hip and a great colour for summer. I would like a high visibility 'blaze' orange.
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    Re: A Modern Vintage

    Cheers mate!! :)

    Haha got one in a bright orange too! G-9100R Rescue Riseman.

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    Casio just recently released a whole bunch in a bright orange! There should be some floating around still.

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    Re: A Modern Vintage

    Maybe it's vintage yellow, because first g-shock in color was DW-5600c in yellow, in 87' or somewhere around that? Anyways, nice score, almost a classic these days.
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    Re: A Modern Vintage

    Ahhh right! Didn't know that! That's probably why.

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