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    Angry Module 1545 - Very Strange

    Hi all, now able to post again regularly due to job change.
    Would be grateful for any suggestions/advice.
    Have a nice DW056 negative display with the 1545 module, a daily wearer. Suddenly the sound level dropped to a point I could barely hear it (it does still work but very faint- all other functions are fine).
    Battery I thought. 2 new batteries later no change. Done the usual stuff, swapped alarm spring with another movement, checked all visible contacts, no joy.
    Sent it back to Casio UK, said it needs a new module which are no longer available-wouldn’t say any more.O|
    Is there an issue with the 1545 ?
    Must say that in 5 years of collecting and buying, this is the first Casio I have actually had a fault with.

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    Wink Re: Module 1545 - Very Strange

    Hi David,

    To ad too hear that. I have several DW-056'S. I didn't know the modules weren't available anymore. Didn't you try to clean the back where the spring touches the metal. Maybe there is a little corrosion? Nice Bike and Frog btw,

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    Re: Module 1545 - Very Strange

    I have 2 DW-5600E series with the 1545 module, but I seldom use the alarm. In fact, I have never used the alarm on these particular watches. Will have to check them out. I never would have thought to test it and just assumed it would work fine. Good heads up to check out all the features, I suppose.

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