Hello G-shock forum

A few months ago I bought a nice GW-056BJ from a fellow WUS member:

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I really like how it looks and how thin it is (thinnest g-shock I think?), but there were two other features that made me jump on it:
- solar powered
- wave ceptor
In theory then, this watch will keep incredibly accurate time nigh on forever, making it a cornerstone of the collection.

The catch is that I bought a US model, with module 2997 - which can only sync to the signal towers in North America or in Japan.
The correct module for Europe is the 3017. Argh!

So, I've been thinking of doing a module swap, and I have some questions for the kind people of this forum:
- is this swap possible? If yes, is it easy? (I suspect so, but want to make sure)
- where can I purchase the new module?
- who would you recommend to execute the swap? (unless you believe it can easily be done at home)

Many thanks in advance for any input!