Moon and Tide graph
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Thread: Moon and Tide graph

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    Moon and Tide graph

    Hi all, I just got my first g shock watch, the gw7900, and I was just wondering how to read the moon and tide graphs. I'm new to these watches and the manual did not help much with it. Any useful tips?


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    Re: Moon and Tide graph

    Well, the shaded or dark part of the moon graph represents the dark portion of the moon, and depending on the hemisphere in which you live, you might need to flip it by going into the moon / tide mode and go into the settings to invert the graph. As long as the home city, time, and date data are correct the graph should be accurate. The number associated with the moon plot tells you how many days old the moon is from a completely dark 'new' moon.

    The tide graph changes between the relatively flat neap tide representation and the disparate spring tide representation. Neap means there's little change between high and low tide, whereas spring means the two are very disparate. Which segment is flashing tells you specifically where the tide is sitting at the moment for your home city.
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    Re: Moon and Tide graph

    Congrats on your new watch!
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