MRW200HC Strap Options
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Thread: MRW200HC Strap Options

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    MRW200HC Strap Options

    I know this has been asked before (regarding straps and Casios), but this is my first one and was hoping for some advice.

    I got in on the MRW200HC deal last week. Although I like the watch (pretty good for $9), it came in with a strap that was so stained and unwearable, it was essentially yellow (it was supposed to be white). I obviously can't wear it as is, so I'm trying to determine what options I have for straps. Buying a replacement strap of the same type would make my "good deal" moot. But if I can upgrade to a better one, it would be more palatable to me than simply returning it for a refund.

    So my questions are essentially: 1.) what style strap do you think would look nice on this watch (black dial version with white straps)? 2.) Would I need to buy these adapters I've heard about in order to use something different? 3.) Or is it not worth it, and I should just return the watch for a refund?


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    Re: MRW200HC Strap Options

    This is going to be difficult to answer without MORE answers that we don't have. The MRW200HC is a relatively new (2014) Casio watch and so far I haven't found ANY solid information or pictures about replacement straps, besides the fact that they ARE available at Pacparts for $10 + shipping -- but that's ALL I've learned so far via Google.

    The "strap adapters" you've heard about are designed to fit most G-Shocks with Casio's common-for-G-Shocks' 16mm lugs, which then allow the use of aftermarket Zulu and NATO straps. Even if they WOULD fit, the best deal I know of will cost you $8.99 for a pair of adapters, shipped, then you still need to buy a strap, which means the standard replacement strap would cost less.

    Without knowing the lug width of the MRW200HC, it's going to be hard to suggest alternatives. Two different Amazon listings show the strap as 22mm with a 17mm lug width, and as 25mm with no lug width given. You might be able to measure the lug width from the back of your watch without removing the original strap.
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