MT-G 1100 on a strap?

Thread: MT-G 1100 on a strap?

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    MT-G 1100 on a strap?

    Have a MTG1100 for a few days now and can not stop looking at it. It looks right at home on the bracelet, but in the summer when wearing a watch on a bracelet I start the day with a too loose a fit and end the day with a too tight a fit because my wrists expand during the day.

    Hence my question if it is possible to fit the MTG-1100 (or any other MTG) on a strap.

    I looked through the entire G-Shock line-up and looked at the straps at TikTox but I could not find anything similar.

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    Re: MT-G 1100 on a strap?

    You can fit the strap from the G-1000/GW-2000/GW-2500.

    But you will need an additional fastening bolt for the strap.
    The bolt from the bracelett is different in lenght between the nuts (overall lenght is the same).

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