My Casio watch is getting fogged up

Thread: My Casio watch is getting fogged up

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    My Casio watch is getting fogged up

    I've a Casio Waveceptor WV-M120. I had it for a couple years. Rated 10 BAR and I could do anything with it before like swimming. 6 months ago, I got fogging inside. I popped off the lid and dried everything in a desiccator. Put it back together and it was ok, then it started fogging again.

    Rear case groove, the back cover surface and o-ring all look to be in good shape. How likely is it that the leak is from the button stems? O-ring aging and becoming permeable to water vapor?
    Desiccant charge inside watch that's full?

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    Re: My Casio watch is getting fogged up

    If your watch is a couple of years old, my first guess is that the back cover O-ring might be drying out and/or in need of a thin layer of silicone grease. Here's the first thread I found here on the subject, but I'm SURE there are more:

    I'd never heard of the stuff until I discovered WUS, but it really seems to make a difference, it's widely available, and it's relatively inexpensive. If you Google "silicone grease watches" you'll find a lot of places that sell it and a LOT of "hits" like the WUS link above.

    I'd try that first because it's probably the cheapest and easiest, but if that doesn't fix the problem it sounds like you've already thought of a couple other possible solutions!

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    Re: My Casio watch is getting fogged up

    I use this each and every time I open a watch. Close it up after it's been in a temp controlled room with very low humidity and have never had a fogging issue.

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