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    My dad asked me...

    he asked me : If I'm in a mountain or lost in a jungle, etc how can I know where I am using this Prg-90 Protrek? How can I survive with it? I told him that using the digital compass he could coordinate his movements and also using the altimeter he could clear his position... but I didnt know how to tell him an exact answer...if you can teach me, because a protrek is a very useful tool and I wanna use it to it's 100%
    Be today, better than yesterday.

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    Re: My dad asked me...

    Hi Batman -

    I think Aussie Dingo (Paul) will be along to help you out as he works the land.

    Sjors may be able to help you as he uses his whilst riding a bike.

    As for me, forget it. I've never used my many PROTREK's and SEAPATHFINDERS, except the SCUBA model:-D

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    Re: My dad asked me...

    hi batman
    to use your prg in the bush or out in the jungle
    you would have to have a good idea where ur are first and to use the altimeter to the best it would be best to have a map with the area on it showing the hills and mountains around you then you would be able to get yourself out
    when i am at work i use my prg all day we also use gps's at work to to get us around in the bush we also carry maps of where we are
    so heres an example of when a prg comes into its own
    last week we got a flat tyre about 1.2 kilometers in the bush so we turned the rig off and had to walk out
    i knew we were about 2 kilometers to our ute which is our work car and as soon as we pull the gps out of the power source it is basicly useless
    so i got a look at our maps and knew we had to walk north to get us out so click on the compass of the prg and away we go using the altimeter i got an idea of the hills around us and the heights they were and we got out all ok and was only about 20 meters ofcourse to the ute so all worked well
    i also use my prg for the basics as the gps needs to move about 10 meters to get its bearing so instead of driving of in the wrong direction for 10 meters i look at my prg and get my bearings and head of from there
    also make sure you carry food and drink and a cb radio if you head out in the bush we carry all this everyday with a satalite phone and a mobile phone for when someone gets bitten by a snake or something worse
    hope this helps you out any questions let me know

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    Re: My dad asked me...

    First learn and know HOW to use and read a compass That a get ya out a most places :O).....Barometer a tell ya IF it's about to be a major weather change and then you would know you needed to belly up someplace until the system passed ! ! But then IF you can't read a compass IMO ya got no business in the bush ! and you need basic survival skills .... most folks get lost and die because they panic ! they wounder around even throw away there clothes and gun if there hunting and just walk in circles and are found in the spring here 6 months after hunting season ! Like here in our state Michigan we have birch trees the bark a burn like gasoline and a start a fire easy MOST folks that hunt and live here don't even know that tid bit ! Most fols that hunt or hike or what ever in deep woods don't have the skills to do it and have NO business do it to begin with ! IMHO so study that compass and learn the basic skills and your watch could help you a LOT IMO .....
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    Re: My dad asked me...

    Thanks everyone for the stories I liked em a lot !
    Be today, better than yesterday.

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