My DW 5600 malfunctions in a bewildering way
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Thread: My DW 5600 malfunctions in a bewildering way

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    My DW 5600 malfunctions in a bewildering way

    Every now and then the sound on the alarm or timer signals disappears totally or starts to sound weak or unclear. So does the signals when I press the buttons. However, most often it is not consistent but erratically dysfunctional, the timer signal can disappear every fourth time for example. If I open it up and connect AC to battery, then it works flawlessly for a while.
    Very strange.
    Regards Erik

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    Re: My DW 5600 malfunctions in a bewildering way

    I had something similar and the issue was slight oxidization on pizzio element (glued to inside back case ), I used a fibreglass pen (slightly abrasive) to clean the surface near where the small spring makes contact.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: My DW 5600 malfunctions in a bewildering way

    Been there too, in my case it was silicone grease (from the o-ring) that messed with the speaker where the spring makes contact. Cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and works like a charm now.
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