My DW5600MS Panda mod. What do you think?

Thread: My DW5600MS Panda mod. What do you think?

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    My DW5600MS Panda mod. What do you think?

    I was always very charmed by the Fifa ltd 5600. It is rare and occasionaly pops up on the bay.

    Being a fan of inverted displays I went crazy when I saw the GWX5600.

    A great watch but only available through USA sellers. Not a bargain and I always have custom problems ordering from the USA. Then suddenly it hit me. I ordered a bezel and put it on the DW5600MS. The result is great! At first I wanted to paint all the lettering black but the red lettering goes wel with the red inverted display.

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    Looks great. I was going to do the exact mod to my 5600E. Before I ordered the bezel, I painted the letters blue on the black bezel and it on a Zulu with blue pinstripe. It looks so good I won't bother ordering the white bezel....until I get bored and need a change! Thanks for sharing pics. I wondered What it would look like.

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    Re: My DW5600MS Panda mod. What do you think?

    Great mod. But the "1545" on the strap looks out of place now. Suggest changing the strap to another without the print but colour remain.

    Thumbs up.
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    Re: My DW5600MS Panda mod. What do you think?

    Nice idea - and the display of the DW-5600MS is actually more legible than the GWX-5600B-7. The buttons are easier to use, too.

    Greetings, Sedi

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    Nice mod! To me the module number looks good on the band. I like the red accents on the bezel because it goes with the reddish numerals on the display.

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