My First G Shock arrives

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    My First G Shock arrives

    I have owned many watches in my lifetime, but up until a few days ago, never owned a G Shock. What got me interested in them was a TV show in which they gave some horrific treatment to a G Shock and it survived. They heated it, boiled it, froze it, dropped it from a high rise building and subjected it to treatment that would have destroyed most other wrist watches. Last month I happened to see some photographs of crew in the ISS and I noted that nearly all of them wore G Shocks. So I finally decided to get one and after looking through all the usual places on line,and in local retailers, I decided on a G-7510-VDR. This model appealed to me as it had an easy to read dial and the usual array of features like world times including GMT, multiple alarms, timer, stopwatch and countdown ( handy for those parking meters!). The vibrator option is great for non-intrusive alarms and alerts when I am awake, but at night it didn't vibrate strongly enough to arouse me at dawn, so I still rely on my cellphone which is so strong it has sometimes vibrates itself off the nightstand!

    I noticed a big difference in the pricing here in Australia and wonder how the major retailers here in OZ can justify asking over double the price that one can buy a G Shock on line.

    The watch is comfortable to wear day and night and I can recommend the EBay Trader who is in Sydney, to anyone wanting a G Shock. If your'e interested, PM me.
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    Re: My First G Shock arrives

    Welcome to the mad house bruv!

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    Re: My First G Shock arrives

    Hi and welcome! I got the very similar GL-7500 - sometimes it wakes me, sometimes it doesn't but still a nice-to-have feature - that vib alarm. Have fun in the forum!

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: My First G Shock arrives

    Welcome to G-Shocks. That's a nice model to start out with. Very unique.

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