My first G Shock - DW-9000

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    My first G Shock - DW-9000

    This was my first G-Shock, coming up on 10 years old later this year. It was a birthday present from my parents and has got a lot of use over the years.

    I've had to replace the strap as the original cloth one wore out. Also only 1x battery replacement about 3 years ago.

    Functions-wise its pretty basic with the stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm.
    It still has alot of wrist presence in my opinion though and does still get some wrist time.

    The model number on the back is dw-9000 with the 'Shock Resistant' logo.

    It did take me 8 years before I bought another G but making up for it now!

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    Re: My first G Shock - DW-9000

    Very nice watch from the good old big and fat 90s era of Casio...I compared my g-9000 mudman with a friend's DW-9000 and the dw was much bigger, fat and ready for a battle. I love my g-9000 though, it looks good, even if it is a little small for my taste...

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    Re: My first G Shock - DW-9000

    awesome watch and durability i have one G Shock that is reaching its 9 years this yr and it has undergone one battery change and one strap change.
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    Re: My first G Shock - DW-9000

    Nice first G, I love those kind of watches.
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    Re: My first G Shock - DW-9000

    It still looks in great shape. You're done very well to look after it till now.

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    Re: My first G Shock - DW-9000

    My first G is also a DW9000, bought last Feb. nos- great watch...

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    Re: My first G Shock - DW-9000

    I had a G-6600 and, in all the years I had it, it only needed two new straps, one new bezel and a new module

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