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    Picture My First Mudman!

    Got my first Mudman this afternoon: GW-9000 (3rd G-shock over the past 2 months ).

    I've seen the G-9000 in all three colours around town, was VERY tempted to buy a G-9000 Black but wanted the tough solar feature so I got the GW-9000 instead.

    Like the overall feel of the watch. Comfortable to wear and light too. I also like in the countdown timer mode it shows the time.

    Now my wallet is that much more lighter......
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    Re: My First Mudman!

    Congrats on the new Muddie G-SAR:gold . I'm sure that like Chris(comy) it probably won't be leaving your wrist any time soon:-D . Enjoy the new watch!

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    Re: My First Mudman!

    NIce Muddie! I just got the G-9000 and it too is very comfortable on the wrist - don't even know it's there! Just wish Casio released the GW-9000 in the States!

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