My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

Thread: My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

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    My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

    Well, after seeing some pics of the new Pro-Treks/Pathfinders, I knew it was about time to add one to my collection as well. So I picked up a PRG-130T-7VDR yesterday (not sure the pathfinder model number). This is I think similar to the PAW-1500 but without the multiband 5, which suits me perfectly because I'm just not really into the atomic syncing thing.

    Love the design of these new Pro-Treks because the old ones were just a bit to donut/hockey puck looking for me. Barometer and altimeter have been spot on, as well as the tide/moon graph, but some deviation in the compass, though not by much. Incredible range of functions in this thing, I wish they'd make a G-shock model with the module. That makes it four new G-shocks and a new Pro-Trek in a week, it's time to pull the plug for a while I think.

    Was also at the Equestrian Olympics finals last night for one of the events, and it was nice to take part in it. Although I haven't a clue how the scoring works, Netherlands took the gold while Germany took the silver and bronze. Some grainy snaps from my mobile phone to share!

    BTW, any comments or experiences with this Pro-Trek model will be greatly welcomed, since this is my first time owning one of these things.

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    Re: My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

    Congratulations on your first PT!

    Looks great and I also prefer the look of the newer ones. May have to go out and get one for myself soon. These PTs are really starting to grow on me....

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    Re: My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

    Cool pics of the Olympics, thats a nice looking ProTrek you've got. I think the one you've picked out is the holy grail of most ProTrek collectors out there. Lots of people love that stealth ed look on their watches and would die for the one you have.
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    Re: My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

    Congrats on both the watch and being at the Olympics!!!!!!

    You only live once.....and some don't even do that!!

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    Re: My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

    Very nice. I didn't know there was a non atomic equivalent of the 1500.
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    Re: My first Pro-Trek and some Olympics snaps

    I am from Hong Kong too. Great watch btw.

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