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    My First Square

    I got this DW-5600E about a month ago off the Bay as part of a lot. I was really just wanting the other watches that came in the lot for parts. I've never been a fan of the smaller squares, as I like my G's to be "chunky." I used it to test out my rookie skills at modding. I reversed the display just to see if I would be able to do it before tackling the project on a watch that I actually cared about. The neg display came out great and I really like how itlooks with the lume on. The digits are so green and clear that I can read it in any light conditions. I also decided to have some fun with it and found some of my 3yr old daughter's glow in the dark glittery nail polish. It's not clear in the picture, but you can sort of see the glitter where it says G-SHOCK and PROTECTION. Anyway, the watch was missing the piece that holds down the extra bit of strap when fastened, so I never wore it. I was able to borrow this piece off of my broken GL-150 and I am wearing this watch for the first time today. I have to admit,it is QUICKLY growing on me. What a great little watch, and to think, I got it along with 2 others for about $20. What a shame that I waited over a month to wear it! (Crappy pictures, I know...)

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    Hook 'Em!!

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    Re: My First Square

    Nice work! It looks great. ENJOY!

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