my Fisherman freaked out

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    my Fisherman freaked out

    So, I was going into my local walmart and checked the time. The watch was normal no problems at all. At some point in the store I check the time and the display is all messed up. As if all the bars/lines were on at once if that makes sense? I hit a button and the screen went fully blank and didnt respond to any buttons.

    I keep walking and checked it again a minute or so later, the display was visible from certain angles. Also it was displaying correct numbers(not correct time it reset back to factory default 1995 lol).

    An hour or so later I notice the display is visible as normal. The time is still wrong of course but its moving as normal.

    I got home and reset the time and everything works fine now. It hasnt had any issue for a week now. I walked by electronics I think, could something have zapped my watch lol it was the craziest thing. The battery isnt even 6 months old.

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    Re: my Fisherman freaked out

    Aliens. They were trying to communicate with intelligent life on this planet and the only thing their sensors picked up was the G-Shock.

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    Re: my Fisherman freaked out

    that doesnt say a lot for us earthlings then!

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    Re: my Fisherman freaked out

    You might want to try removing the battery from the watch and leaving it out for a couple of days. I remember Sjors mentioning he had a wierd issue like this with a Fisherman, and left the battery out, then reinstalled it and did an AC reset and all was good. His belief was maybe there was some 'rest voltage' somewhere in the watch.
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    Re: my Fisherman freaked out

    The battery isnt even 6 months old.

    Did you HOLD AC for three seconds? Could be dirt on the battery contacts. Take the back off and remove the battery. Clean the battery with a CLEAN pencil eraser then make sure to get that eraser crud off with clean dry toilet paper (WITH NO MOISTURIZER!!!!!!!) Then it's hands off the battery!!! Hold it by PLASTIC tweezers or by the toilet paper (WITH NO MOISTURIZER!!!!!!!) don't get your finger oil on the contacts it'll block electricity from getting to the watch and cause the exact symptoms you described. When you reinsert the battery rotate it after it's in there. That scrapes through thin oxide layers that might be on the watch's battery contacts. Then hold AC for three seconds.

    You may have also zapped it with static, but I doubt that.

    (oops! Time for a new watch!)

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    Re: my Fisherman freaked out

    It was Wal Mart.

    It has that affect on a lot of things

    Everytime my wife goes in there, the credit card gets all screwed up.
    I have to take it out of her purse and let it sit for a couple weeks, then everythings good.

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