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    Exclamation My fourth Protrek: PRG-100-3VDR

    This is my fourth Protrek's this year after I have 3 collected so far: The PRG-130-1DR, PRG-200A-1DR & PRG-80-1DR

    Purchase at Mydin Hypermarket Subang Jaya, Selangor on last Friday at RM 399.00 or USD 130, which was a good deal for me.

    Specification: (Picture acquired from Jayvs websites)

    Protrek: PRG-100-3V Watch Detail

    Pro's on this model:

    This model is released 5 years ago by Casio under Protrek's flagship series. The digit in the middle screen is big, crisp and sharp. One of the best Protrek ever produce by Casio. Eventough is powered by Twin Sensor (Baro/Alti & Thermo), is just good enough for person who just need an simple "Riseman" functionality & solutions on cheaper price. Moreover, current time is display in all major mode such as alarm, timer & stopwatch. The other good news is that both timer & stopwatch are also in 24 hours! Not only that, as mention by Konrad, the Baro Graph is huge (really huge!) compare with other AB or ABC watch models. One of the feature I like it most one button switchable to view the current Graph tendency at glance at the time keeping mode without hiding the current day and date!

    Size comparison of this model is suitable for small wrist person like me, the size fits me well. Compare with PRG-80, is looks like a mini Protrek for me...haha...

    Con's on this model.

    The only drawnback is without the compass, of course as Twin Sensor models, one of the features has the removed. I can't expect anymore than that. Probaly just buy a mini strap on magnetic compass at book stores as quick fix. Button operation is normal for small finger person but quite difficult for person got middle or big index fingers as the button is hard to press due to it's recessed deep to the bezel. If your finger is oily due to sweat, be prepared as the button easy to slip from your finger due to it's smooth surface button. Also, timer has no auto-repeat even tough it's has 24 hours CDT!!! Aww...

    Conclusion on this model.

    Overall I am satisfied on the model. Although is small in size but never underestimated it's features as it already meet my need on simple AB watch beside my current G-9200 Riseman. This watch will stay long long time at my wrist as daily beater.....


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