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    My G-shock photo book

    Hi guys,
    I recently found this forum and bought a new camera so I came to say hi and post mi "G" collection.

    & tissot t-touch (4-5 years oldit cost me 500€) I love it, but i had many problems with him including a machinery change of 300€

    Mudman G-9000-1v
    Resin case 20' Boiled to soften the buttons. It appears to be a great difference before and after doing this mod. (no pictures)

    It was my last purchase, I love it.
    * Very comfortable (cool nubs) and light. Low profile perfect for wearing under the cuff.
    * 2 Stopwatches with 5 secs countdown an flash
    * pretty legible, big numbers and very very tough
    * Stiff buttons without boilling

    Classic GW-6900-1 solar/atomic

    Classic model, very cool with the atomic/solar stuff. Tons of functions. My Favorite

    casio illuminator dw-290 hydro converted
    very old but hard as ever.

    It lost the "casio illuminator" printed words with several washes. Hydro moded and used in diving with no problem at all after 10 years or more.


    compass mode

    Big watch with big digits. Many functions, ABC watch. Tought and cool

    AW-¿?¿?¿590 or 100¿?¿? Solar/atomic

    Ana/digi watch with solar/atomic cool functions. Used in weddings celebrations and parties.


    My favorite watch for sports. Pretty tough, buttons easy to press and negative display
    * light
    * multiple stopwatch and alternative countdown
    * easy to press
    * Difficult to read in direct sunlight (negative display)
    * No solar/atomic =(

    Casio Illuminator dw-290 hydro conversion

    First of all I picked the silicone Oil 2000 c.p.s, screwdriver and 2 pieces of paper.

    Filled with Oil (no pictures of before/after)

    Back filled with oil

    Close look at the bubble

    putted together again

    Waiting for the bubble to appear in the screen... I will post a photo

    Feel free to post your pics and/or correct my grammar. Sorry for my english, I'm Spanish speaker.
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    GW-6900; AW-100; G-7710-1; G-9000-1v (mudman); PRG-40; Tissot t-touch

    Wish list: G-9200-1 Riserman & GW-5600

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    To hell with the grammar - what a great first post!

    Current watches:

    Casio GW-2000B
    Casio G-7710
    Rolex Explorer

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    Awesome post, I've always been fascinated by the hydro mods, thanks!

    Por cierto, yo soy Español, no te preocupes for tu ingles es muy bueno.

    Welcome to the forum!

    I almost forgot to say that I also have a 7710 and its my favorite of all my G's.
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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    Nice shots there - I like the DW-290 mod.

    I picked up a new DW-290 last week for just £16 - I had one as a kid but it failed water resistance and my parents took it back for a refund. When I saw it on offer, I had to get it. It's the poor kid's G-shock!

    It has decent features - 24h countdown is very rare even on top-end watches. It's a pity the green printing rubs off so easily and the plastics cheap - modern techniques are much better. Still, I have a soft spot for this model.

    I've also got a PRG-40 and I love the big display, but boy is it a tough watch to live with... it takes FOUR batteries and eats them in like six months.... crazy!
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    55 watches. 30 Casios. Appalling bank balance!

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    Hydro-converted DW-290!

    Very nice - the DW-290 is a minor cult on this forum.

    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    Nice collection !

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    now we are waiting for the bubble.....
    watches are meant to tell times..

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    Welcome to the forum.

    Great collection and photos.

    You've got some nice clear pics there. What camera did you pick up?

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    I don't get it... Casio Illuminator dw-290 hydro conversion? Can someone explain this to me...

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    Re: My G-shock photo book

    Welcome~Hope to see what might surface next. No pun intended there, cheers!

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