My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

Thread: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

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    Picture My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Today's road trip started out on a very cold morning in Philly. There's still giant piles of snow everywhere.

    I drove through downtown.

    And by the Benjamin Franklin Bridge that connects the city to New Jersey. It's now time to jump on I-95 South.

    By the home stadium of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team.

    After a bit of driving through Pennsylvania and Delaware, it's time for Maryland.

    8:21AM and the Master Blue Frogman has been a good choice for the drive so far.

    It's still freezing outside.

    There was a big accident ahead and we all came to a standstill for about 20 minutes while they cleared the wreckage.

    Beautiful downtown Baltimore.

    The NSA has their own private highway exit.

    Welcome to Virginia.

    After a few hours of driving south it's finally above freezing outside.

    It's time for the first gas fillup. I like to wear my Frogman loose.

    And then there is North Carolina.

    This is a long boring stretch through a neverending monotony of trees. The air starts to smell like pine though.

    Crossing the state line into South Carolina. They really put in some extra effort with their sign and fountains.

    And just over the border is this monstrosity of a tourist trap. There's hundreds of billboards advertising this place along the way. You can buy fireworks and do a bunch of other stuff that's probably illegal elsewhere.

    Ran into some rain storms later in the day. At least it's getting warmer.

    Crossing the bridge into Savannah, Georgia after 11 hours of driving.

    Now it's time to relax a bit and find some good food.

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Fun travelogue, thanks for sharing! On a related but non-watch note, how do you like your FJ Cruiser?


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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Great chronological record of your trip!!!

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Enjoyed the read and the pictorial trip.
    Last (and only) time i did that was 25 years ago,
    as a young tourist from Israel. This brings back a lot
    of memories :)

    The frog is great for this kind of drive, and my second
    choice would be the Riseman.

    Thaks for sharing

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    It's interesting that you mentioned the "South of the Border" tourist trap. My wife and daughter and I stopped there and took this picture.
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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Too bad you didn't wear your Riseman to double check the temperature.
    The MTG is retired and the 5600 too. Right now, the only working G-Shocks that I use and enjoy are the Riseman GW9200-1 and the GW6900-1

    If I can own a Rolex Submariner I would. I know they are tough too, their homages are tough. Trust me.

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Sometimes I wish that it snowed here in Sydney. It's 8pm and it's 29deg. celcius outside.

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Don't leave Savannah without eating at Vinnie Van Go-Go.

    It is a pizza joint, and the store logo features Vincent Van Gogh "inhaling" a rolled slice of smoking pizza.

    As far as where to get a beer, just ask the prettiest girl you see around. (Same ploy in Charleston if you hit it on the way back.)

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Very enjoyable. More, please!
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: My G-Shock Road Trip Adventure

    Looks fun, thanks for sharing.
    MKII Kingston

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