My latest acquisition... GS-1150-1AER

Thread: My latest acquisition... GS-1150-1AER

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    My latest acquisition... GS-1150-1AER

    I have always wanted a Giez.....
    Considered the 1050, Changed my mind later...
    Wanted an 1100B but the price in the UK at that time put me off..
    Finally considered an 1150 and got put off by the fact it used the 5060 module...
    Thought about the 1400B and even went as far as asking Chino for a quote..
    After calculating the possible customs tax i instantly changed my mind...
    After a discussion with Sedi on Casio's Module and the fact that the 5060 was used in the GW-2000, i guess i had finally made up my mind on what to get...

    So i present to you the GS-1150


    Sorry for the less than stellar Iphone pics. Off to work now might post some wrist shots if there is favorable lighting when i get back.

    Wrist shot 1
    Don't really know my wrist size but i assure you it is not that big as the watch seems just about right on the 8th hole (4th if you are counting from the metallic strip on the band)

    Wrist shot 2

    Lume shot
    Not the best picture in the world or maybe the Iphone 4 is not the best camera phone out there. But the lume here is better than the one on my MTG

    it is a really impressive timepiece and in the course of work, without reading the manual, i managed to set the home country, world time and mistakenly realigned the hands....
    Took me the better part of 10 minutes to discover what i had done and some more time to realign them back to their correct positions.
    I also discovered that it is really difficult to find a comfortable position for them to rest on your wrists.
    Final verdict, an exquisite timepiece that neither pictures nor a video can truly depict. This is the second G-Shock that has brought a smile to my face. the first being my MTG.
    Below is my first attempt at making a video of a watch. Forgive the jittery nature of the video. It really is difficult to have a steady wrist while tapping your phone's screen to focus on the object you are trying to film.

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    Re: My latest acquisition

    Congrats! That is a nice piece!

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    Re: My latest acquisition

    Congratulations! The Giez are a great series and that one is a nice upgrade from the 1100. Enjoy!

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    Re: My latest acquisition

    Nice G and photos !!

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    Re: My latest acquisition

    Congrats! I'm also thinking of getting a giez.. can you post a wristshot?

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