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    Smile My little universe

    Hi !!

    I post pictures of my watches and my tools ( Sjors and Spill)

    I will post a variant of my first wallpaper in 1280*1024, I work on another with the the Black Helios /the Brazilian and one with G-Shock / Leatherman.

    My watches:

    - Breitling Avenger Seawolf

    - Citizen Tough

    - Citizen Super Tough

    - G-Shock Frogman MRG 1100 (without battery)

    - 3 G-Shock Frogman "Black-Spots"

    - 2 G-Shock Frogman "Basic"

    The tools:

    - 3 Leatherman Ti

    - 2 pouches Leatherman Big Kit (Bits)

    - 7 Victorinox Stayglow (very glow in the dark, excellent to "show off" in a party)

    - 1 Victorinox Workchamp XL

    Thank you very much for your encouragements.

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    Re: My little universe

    your "little universe" is not bad at all

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    Re: My little universe

    Hi Oliver -

    BEAUTIFUL collection of G-Shock's

    I recently got a Leatherman as part of my Cairns, North Queensland cyclone survival kit.

    It seems like it could come in handy..

    Yhanks for sharing those decent photos and keep them coming

    All the best - OZZIE

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    Re: My little universe

    Thank you,

    I'm not a relentless collector, but I love big wathes with original features, like G-Shock models. I am very happy that this forum inform very well about our passion for G-Shock. With my studies I can't come here to see all the messages, but thanks to all the passionate people like you I could begin my small collection.

    G-shock are really one of the best watch.


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    Wink Re: My little universe

    Hi Olivier,

    Your little Univers is a great one. Specially the MR-G Frogman. Can you tel more about the Citizens?


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