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    A month ago I bought a GW-3000 with the orange resin band. I was a bit disappointed with the watch and decided to return it.
    After a few tips from members on this forum I decided to get me a DW-5000 'Spike Lee' and didn't regret a bit of it
    The wach feels very robust and the finish is of a high quality. The screwback gives the watch a nice heft and the size is perfect for my wrist.
    The retro look ls awesome and will make wear this watch on different occasions.
    I want to say thanks to the people that helped me. I'll never buy an analog G shock again, because G shock is best at producing digital watches.

    Below are some pics of my acquisition, excuse me for the bad quality they were taken with my mobile.

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    My collection is: Casio DW 5000 SL, Casio CA 53w, Suunto Core all black, Rolex GMT Master II, Rolex datejust 31mm Jubilee I bought for the Mrs. and my Rolex Datejust is being used by my brother right now.


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    Re: My new DW-5000-SL

    Congrats, you're going to love it.
    Wear it in good helath.


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    Re: My new DW-5000-SL

    I'm sure
    cheapest DW5000SL
    you make the biggest joy

    also check GIEZ - there you will find the analog sysytem and screw
    DW5000SL GW5000 GWF1000 GW200F GW204K GW206K

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    Re: My new DW-5000-SL


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    Re: My new DW-5000-SL

    very nice
    Current watch collection is dw-001, dw-002(2), dw-003(2), dw-004(2), dw-5000(13)(dw-5000c-1a(3), dw-5000-1jf, dw-5000sl(3), dw-5000bl2, dw-5025d-8(2), dw-5025b-7(2), dw-50301jr, dw-5030c-1jr, ww-5100c-1, dw-5200(9), dw-5200c-1(8), dw-5200c-9, ww-5300c-1(2), dw-5300(5), dw-5300-1av, dw-5300-1bv(3), dw-5300g-9v, dw-5400(6), dw-5400c-1(4), dw-5400c-9(2), dw-5500, dw5600c(3), dw-5600c-1v(691), dw-5600c-1v(901), dw-5600c-9bv(691), dw-5600e, dw-5700(5), dw-5700c-1v(3), dw-5700c-9v, dw-5700c-9gv(2), dw-5800(2), dw-6100, dw-6600(3), dw-6800, dw-8400, dw-8600(2), dw-8800, dw-9052, dw-9100, dw-9400(2), dw-9500(3), mtg-900, g-100, g-9100, glx-5600, gw-5600j-1, gw-610, gw-300, gw-701d, gw-m5600-1(2) of casio g-shocks and pre g-shock dw-1000(2) and pre g-shock dw-1500 and dw-210(6) and dw-240(2) and dw-260(5) and dw-270(2) and dw-290(2) and few timex ironman and thermometer of timex.

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    Re: My new DW-5000-SL

    Very nice G, purely digital, congrats
    Ball - Casio (G-shock) - HMT - Longines - Parnis - Seagull - Steinhart - Tissot - Victorinox - Yema

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