My new G-9000 with G-7900MS size comparison

Thread: My new G-9000 with G-7900MS size comparison

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    My new G-9000 with G-7900MS size comparison

    My G-9000-1V Mudman arrived today and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.

    The watch isn't nearly as big as the stock pictures make it look, or I anticipated it would be, and if I hadn't read other people talk about how hard the buttons are to push I wouldn't have noticed any difference in them from the other G's I own. I can tell where you might have to push a little further through the casing to engage the buttons but I wouldn't call them hard to push at all. It feels great on my arm right out of the box with no break-in time for the strap and IMO is more comfortable than my new DW-6900 on my 8" wrist.

    Here it is compared to the G-7900MS, which is a much bigger watch:

    I got it for $69.90 from a seller on ebay, name available on request, and it came in good time with the box and all documentation it should have. It just arrived this A.M. but I like it a lot so far and it will probably get a lot of wrist time.
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